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VIP Service

Become a Spots VIP Member and get access to the following FREE convenient Services:

Spots VIP Express Bag
Once you become a Spots VIP Member, your 2 Spots VIP Express bags will be available. Each VIP Bag comes with your personalized name tag, including special instructions required to satisfy your dry cleaning & laundering needs. There is no need to wait, simply drop off your Spots VIP bag and go! When you pick up your clean clothes, your Spots VIP Bag is returned to you for continued use.

Same Day Service
Spots Dry Cleaning's turn-around is Next-Day, but we also offer Same-Day Service upon your request. Drop off your clothes Monday through Friday before 10 am and we will have them ready for pick-up by 5 pm that same day.

Direct: (623) 466-6788
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